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ERA Skateboards X Sungodz California

We’re hanging out with @Sungodzcalifornia at Pool Side today. We love the surfwear brand's ethos of ‘looking back’- it’s what we’re all about- and so felt compelled to get in touch and find out more. Here’s Sasha, founder, chatting about the idea behind the brand and what inspires him. You can also check out his awesome 80’s mix that he curated for us on ERA Sounds 

“Sungodz California is an idea that I had nearly 10 years ago but only finally got around to making a reality about a year ago. It was originally going to focus on mens’ shorts and boardshorts but the idea evolved as I played around with designs. I wanted to create a brand that was rooted in the past, in the period of Surfing from around 1967 to 1983, a 16-year period that to me really is the golden age of Surfing and the style that went along with it. 

"My tastes are far more colourful and I'm particularly obsessed with the range of colours from Orange to Yellow and Red to Brown and materials and styles that are more flowery and flamboyant than what is normally on offer from the main surf wear brands. I love floral and ‘psychedelic’ patterns, for lack of a better word. Like our colourful and comfy beach jam pants- they are somewhat flamboyant and certainly stylish but also very practical and comfortable at the same time with their drawstring waist and side cargo pocket. Or the board shorts that we recently made, which are just my take on the classic late 70s early 80's boardshort. Available in colours and patterns that should still be easy to find but somehow are not and with a 5-inch inseam that to some is daring, but to me is both better looking and more functional than longer shorts.  

"I design and make items that I have always wished someone else would make, but could not find. I design the pieces, and a couple skilled seamstresses put them together. Making things locally and of quality materials is important to me, I don't ever want to make things in some far-off country, keeping it local is what matters. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather create things that are based on some classics and in colours and patterns that are perhaps more exuberant and bold. Catering to a customer that has a bold, confident and whimsically sunny sense of style. Essentially, I'm making clothes for myself and hoping that some other people like them too… at least I don't have to shop for these things anymore. ;)"

Sasha Sungodz

Check out the Sungodz collection here: https://www.sungodzcalifornia.com 

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