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Although the idea behind ERA Skateboards was to recreate the cruiser boards of the early 1960s, using clay wheels was never going to be an option for the obvious reason that they would be completely rubbish to ride on.

We wanted a smooth ride and a top quality product with an interesting history – so the obvious choice for us was Kryptonics Star* Trac wheels.

First produced in 1976, Kryptonics wheels drastically changed the functionality of skateboards. It wasn’t long before they became the dominant wheel for all types of skateboarding and the choice of top professional skateboarders such as Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta.

40 years later, the modern-day Kryptonics Star* Trac wheels see two major differences from the originals; an integrated modern plastic core design that significantly increases the rebound properties of the wheel, as well as reducing the overall weight (most noticeable on the 78a durometer red wheels that we use), and the development of urethane formulas improving the overall characteristics of the wheel.

The classic and brilliant red colour compliments the wooden finish of our boards and the unique red formula delivers a fast, smooth roll even on very rough surfaces. The soft 78A, forgiving compound keeps your wheels on the ground and you in control – perfect for cruising around town or down to the beach.

Using Kryptionics Star* Trac wheels on our ERA Skateboards gives us absolute confidence in our products and ensures an altogether awesome ride – we know, we rip around on ours every day.

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