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In 1986 I was given my very first skateboard, it was a Variflex and I was ten years old.

It didn’t take long until I was seriously hooked. My two older brothers had been skating for around 10 years and had been gripped by the California Dogtown revolution, wearing the Vans, tube socks, and Rector shorts.

This obviously made an impression on me but by the time I started skating it was all about the Bones Brigade, Santa Cruz, and H Street. I remember watching the films feeling excited and inspired, it was incredibly cool. As luck would have it Rom Skatepark, with its now-famous moguls and pool, was on my doorstep and for a while, it became like a second home. It wasn’t just the skating - I was really into the fashion, the photography, the music, and the sense of belonging to something big and edgy. Skateboarding had become a way of life for my mates and me. 

So for the last 30 years, I’ve been skating around searching for the ever-so-elusive Mr Chin.

Nowadays, I find myself looking back. I can’t help feeling drawn to the past, to the social revolution of the late 1950s and 60s in America and California specifically. The whole era is fascinating, from cool fashion to psychedelic music and mid-century modern architecture to modernist art and design. The surf and skateboarding story is a part of this movement – the whole idea of surfers bored of flat waves taking to the streets on nothing more than a piece of wood on wheels is innovative and fantastic. Looking at the early footage and imagery of sidewalk surfers and the skaters from the Hobie and Makaha skate teams brings home the importance of the heritage of skateboarding.  

Our skateboards are designed and handmade on a beautiful little Island on the East Coast of England. With years of experience, excellent raw materials, and quality design and craftsmanship we are proud to bring you cruiser boards that look good and give you an awesome ride.

And so, ERA Skateboards pays homage to the surfers, the sidewalk surfers, and a very special time and place in history, and all that goes with it. 

ERA Skateboards Team