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Welcome to ERA SOUNDS, our magical station where we bust out hip vibes and cool sounds thanks to our in-tune and on-beat musical friends. Each month we'll upload a different mix to our page. Accompanying these awesome mixes is a short dialogue written by our guest DJ and some cool images to go alongside. Turn on, tune in, and hang out!


ERA Sounds 8 - Mixed by Vinnie Nylon & Gaye Scrivener

ERA SOUNDS proudly presents ELECTRONICAAGH, compiled by the ultra talented couple @vinnie_nylon & @gayescrivener.

2020 marks Vinnie Nylon's 35th year in British street art, graffiti and the related art gallery scene that has grown up around it to become a global movement. His largely character based works employ a strong use of colour and dynamic forms blended into a unique and instantly recognisable style that has proven to be a hit with collectors internationally.

As early as 1990 he appeared on television painting a piece for the Children in Need charity and has gone on to work with publishing houses and commercial brands such as Fosters beer, Television companies, Reebok, Adidas originals, Sony, Greenpeace and Penguin books as well as exhibiting his own personal artwork in the UK and abroad including Japan where he has an established collector base.
Gaye is a teacher and exams officer. She has a passion for mid century modern art and design which she collects and trades in. Gaye has been making a return to art lately producing paintings and collage work which sold in a local group art show. Among other hobbies Gaye enjoys local history and she is creating a garden with finds from the beach and mudlarking.
"We both have eclectic tastes, coming from a background of Punk, Post Punk, Electronic and New Wave genres and we were both devoted listeners of John Peel’s show.

"This selection of tracks is a journey that takes in the ‘No Wave’ scene of late ‘70s New York (Pylon and UT) and a host of other global representatives from Acid Arab to Red Zebra (Belguim), Cabaret Voltaire (Sheffield) to Nagamatzu (Ipswich). Also included are Throbbing Gristle and its offshoot incarnation X-TG, as well as ex-band member Chris Carter of Chris and Cosey and Carter Tutti, (Modularity); other tracks were discovered via obscure European graffiti videos on Youtube.



  • APB - I’d Like To Shoot You Down
  • XTG - with Marc Almond-The Falconer (Nico cover)
  • Chris Carter - Modularity
  • UT - Sham Shack
  • Pylon - Danger
  • Todd Terje - Ragysh
  • Etienne Jaume - Metallic Cages (Acid Arab Remix)
  • Saada Bonaire - Invitation
  • Bagarre - No Toys
  • Deux - ParisOrly
  • Cabaret Voltaire - Silent Command
  • Throbbing Gristle - Distant Dreams Part Two - 1980
  • Tony M2 - Wah Wah Land
  • Zero Call - Stellar Wind (Adrian Marth Remix) 
  • Nagamatzu - Corabella
  • Red Zebra - I Can’t Live in a Living Room
  • Telex - Voice (1984)
  • Section 25 - Looking from a Hilltop
  • Anne Clark - Our Darkness


ERA Sounds 7 - Mixed by Joe Horner

We're delighted to introduce our good friend Joe Horner @bigfriendlyjoe and his debut mix for ERA Sounds. Joe has a wealth of knowledge of music, fashion, art and film and is currently studying Filmmaking at the University of the West of England. Totally digging the vibe, described by Joe as feeling like, "An old oak tree with lots of branches... who knows, it's a bit folky, a bit electronic. I hope you enjoy!" 


  • The Kinks - Morning Song
  • The Kinks - Daylight
  • American Spring - Sweet Mountain
  • Paul Giovanni - Gently Johnny
  • Pentangle - When I get Home
  • Brigid Mae Power - The Two Worlds
  • Cavern of Anti-Matter - Inside Luckmoore
  • Connan Mockasin - Les Be Honest
  • Au Revoir Simone - Lark
  • Mort Garson - Ode to an African Violet
  • Boards of Canada - Olson
  • Eddie C - An Der Wedding
  • Graeme Miller, Steve Hill - Woodland Band
  • Graeme Miller, Steve Hill - Most Unusual
  • Roger Miller - Oo De Lally
  • Broadcast - Until Then
  • Trader Horne - Morning Way


ERA Sounds 6 - Mixed by Marcus from Hex Record Shop

Here's High and Lonesome - a crackly hour of dusty, downer folk and stoned country rock. Marcus runs local independent Hex Record Shop and is the booker at The Smokehouse music venue and Sound City Ipswich.

"I've always been drawn to Americana, particularly country rock and folk - strange that this became a particular soft spot for a kid growing up in rural Suffolk but an early obsession with The Dukes of Hazzard and having The Byrds and Neil Young piped into the back of dad's Ford Sierra will have played a part. I have a thing for the dusty, downer side of country; lonely guys leaving the city behind, stoned cowboys and acid damaged draft dodgers. This mix covers some of that and more and is a slice of the sort of thing I come back to again and again and never grow tired of." Marcus   

  • Truck Stop Girl - The Byrds
  • Five Year Kansas Blues - FJ McMahon
  • Monday Virus - Bob Brown
  • Hammond Song - The Roches
  • Cassidy - Bob Weir
  • Blue Crystal Fire - Robbie Basho
  • On The Beach - Neil Young
  • Naked, If Want To - Moby Grape
  • Sandy Toes - Linda Perhacs
  • I'll Find A Way (To Carry It All) - Ted Lucas
  • Out On The Side - Dillard & Clark
  • Carmelita - Linda Ronstadt
  • 20 Million Things - Lowell George
  • Faces in the Crowd - Vernon Wray
  • The Wheel - Jerry Garcia
  • Take Good Care of Yourself - Chris Darrow
  • Ohm Sweet Ohm - Charley D & Milo
  • Witchi-Ta-To - Brewer & Shipley


ERA Sounds 5 - Mixed by Jon Cooke

Next up is Jon Cooke who delves into Pandora’s Box and pulls out some psychedelic treats for us to tune into. Get on the bus, take a trip and enjoy the ride. FAR OUT!


ERA Sounds 4 - Mixed by David Freeland

Having a party again this Saturday night? Then we have a great mix for you-no 2 from the awesome DJ David Freeland.

Fancy some evening acid house bubblers that turn into wonky-dancefloor disco?

Here you are then.


ERA Sounds 3 - Mixed by David Freeland

Well it’s been a while but we’re back with an awesome mix by the brilliant DJ David Freeland who’s a regular face in the Suffolk music scene. The first of two mixes, this little beauty is deliciously chilled for an easy, stay-at-home Sunday.

Image copyright: John Ferguson


“I have a real DIY approach to DJing and putting on events. I musically take over pubs, bars and restaurants for the day or night. It takes a lot of effort but I would definitely advise young DJs looking to get started to have a go at this and then build your own scene as you go.

 “Musically, I play stuff that suits the situation- always with the audience in mind. I only play records (no files) so have a limited amount of songs with me for a gig, which requires a bit of planning and a strong back! I also only take bookings from people who have heard me play before so they hopefully know what they’re getting, haha! It’s not the easiest way to work but I’m too old to change.” David Freeland https://www.instagram.com/djdavidfreeland/


ERA Sounds 2 - Mixed by Larkebird

We dig an eclectic mix at ERA Sounds so it’s with great pleasure that we dance our way from bona fide 60s surf instrumentals to a bountiful selection of Afro, Funk, Balearic and Disco tunes.

This latest mix is brought to you by DJ & producer, Larkebird aka Tim Larke. Tim first started collecting records during the birth of the 80s acid house scene and by the mid-90s he was DJing in top London clubs including The Ministry of Sound, Bagley’s and Turnmills (R.I.P) and also earned club residencies as a Latin  percussionist.


Larkebird incorporates many different styles into his mixes including Latin, Afrobeat, Jazz and 70’s disco.

Catch Larkebird at his latest Chickie Wahwah - Lemon Soul club night, taking inspiration from the legendary Mancuso loft parties with a music policy playing anything in the spectrum from Soul to Jazz via Disco & Boogie. 


ERA Sounds 1 - Mixed by G the P 

We're loving G the P's latest project where he posts original 45 records resplendent in their original paper 'company' sleeves on a dedicated Instagram feed @company45sleeves. So we asked the man himself (aka London-based burger aficionado, record geek, and all-round Good Egg Gavin Lucas) if he’d record a little mix for us of his favourite surf instrumental records from the early 60s.

Happily, he obliged and here it is – the very first ERA Sounds mix, made especially for us, is ready for your ears! 


"Influenced by instrumental tracks by Link Wray and Duane Eddy, surf rock emerged in the late 1950s as a distinct genre when bands on the West Coast of the US started using Fender Jaguars and effects pedals to play reverb-laden, percussive rock with a “wet” sound. Between 1959 and 1965, the genre produced regional, national, and even international hit records with Dick Dale and the Del-Tones becoming probably the best-known surf act of all time – thanks largely to the inclusion of Miserlou on Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction movie soundtrack in 1994.


"For this playlist, I wanted to bring some bona fide surf anthems such as Pipeline by Chantay's and Bustin' Surfboards by The Tornadoes together with some lesser known instrumental records that no-doubt Dick Dale and his surfing buddies would have dug back in the day. These include a 1959 Mac Rebennack (later to be known as Dr John) record, an obscure but wonderfully frenetic instrumental recorded in Florida in 1959 by The Original Starfires (I've included the sleazy sax drenched flip of that single too), and a recently unearthed, unreleased recording by Link Wray that practically redefines the surf sound. Named Son of Rumble, this follow up to Wray's iconic 1958 track Rumble is set to be released by The Black Key's Dan Auerbach via his Easy Eye Sound label next month. Heads up, surf’s up!" G the P / Gavin Lucas