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ERA Skateboards X Smithtown

ERA Skateboards is absolutely stoked to be working with Smithtown on our very first Hooked collaboration. From the 'The Smithtown Thunderbolt' BuzzBike, exhibited in London's Design Museum, to 'The Hawaiian Prince' Surfboard, that is truly awesome, Smithtown certainly knows how to make you look a lot closer.

Here's a little insight from the Smith brothers and their thoughts behind the piece for Hooked, 'The Duke - The Best Dressed Chicken in Smithtown'. 

"The Smith Brothers established the UK’s newest town ‘Smithtown’ in 2014. Smithtown has one rule: first thought, best thought.

"This allows us the freedom to make lots of stuff and collaborate.

"ERA Skateboards gave us a board with an open brief. The attitude of skateboarding and the freedom it gives reflects our creative values. The handmade boards strongly resonate with the way we like to work, seeking out craftsmen and applying an idea to a format, nothing is off limits.

"We believe you have to go with what happens, good or bad. To us that goes directly to a spirit within skateboarding and its early origins."

Rich & Dave Smith, founders of Smithtown



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